OWAY: One Weekend A Year

OWAY: One Weekend A Year is a pact amongst almost thirty of our friends to meet up annually for a group holiday. Two people organise the trip as a surprise for the rest of the group, and in 2014 it was my partner & I’s turn!


This was the first time I had used Hyperlapse, I was shocked how great the footage was. The Verge did a very interesting video summary of why it is for more than super smooth time-lapses

Now I have something in my pocket that gets closer to replacing the Final Cut/Premier programs that I have been using on my desktop.

As we move forward this software technology is being built into the camera apps of the top of the range phones like the iPhone 8.

Perhaps I can take the 3 axes gimbal from my Christmas list61a+UVkVBVL._SL1000_


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