(Facebook) Memories of Madrid

I took some footage when I was in Madrid with friends and as I wanted to experiment with video opacity and blending modes I took the opportunity to make this video.

The result gave an easy dreamy effect, which does a good job at describing the weekend we had there.
I had also contacted and asked https://soundcloud.com/lindecis to use their track as it fitted really well with the feeling of the video!


I also wanted to try out the functionality of posting a video publicly on Facebook.
The amount of data Facebook compared to YouTube is quite limited and the view count seems very inflated.

The functionality is also limiting with less resolution options. The user has to opt in to watching in HD instead of YouTube which automatically adjusts to the best resolution for your connection speed.
Embedding is also an issue, the video is definitely set as public however on different devices it appears as “not available”. Let me know in the comments what you see.
All in all I would not trust Facebook video at this stage to host my videos for use outside of Facebook.

However it has been reported that Facebook are increasing their focus on video. with thir CFO David Wehner saying:

“We are looking at kickstarting an ecosystem for longer-form content on Facebook.”

With their auto play feature and massive audience It would be stupid for me to ignore Facebook’s video platform.

Overall I am very happy with the video but it ends quite abruptly as this is when I lost the ability to film. The next day was spent recovering.

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