Learn by borrowing and breaking

I was inspired to get a tiny plastic skateboard by Casey Niesetat who uses them to skim though airports and cities, having tried one out it is EXTREMELY satisfying.


It has been said before that a great way to learn quickly is by stealing someone’s style.
Since Casey Niesetat started his daily vlog, there have been a lot of copy cats.
Casey comments on it in the “Short Skirts and Rip Off Artists”

As it was my last couple of weeks in Switzerland I thought I wanted to steal some of his techniques and document the things I got up to.

It made me realise how much effort it is to create a video like Niesetat, always thinking of the story to direct edit whilst in the moment.
Making sure I had establishing shots to help the audience understand what is about to happen was the easy part. Pushing my self to remember to not just film when I was board, but anticipate when something interesting may just about to happen was harder.

Overall as a learning project, it worked well. Dealing with a huge amount of footage as well as retrospectively noticing what footage I was missing to make a compelling story will come in useful on future projects.

A great youtuber who I follow (DSLR Guide) recently posted the How to “Make a Travel Video” which goes through some of the issues I was happening and how to over come them.

Ultimately I broke the tiny plastic skateboard testing the limits if what it could do, what a handy metaphor for a blog post…


I wonder what I will break next.

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