Cat Countdown

The countdown to cat has begun. She has yet to find a name as each time we go to see her she grows up so much. Her personality has changed from being timid to playful and noisy (MEOW).

My wife wanted a nice photo with her at the breeders house. This was a perfect excuse to practice using my new camera.

It was a great lesson on animal photography; the kitten was too energetic to get any sort of pose being held. I quickly learned I need to find a scenario where she was comfortable before snapping away.


This was the best photo and really highlights how different it is working with animals! They are the boss of the shoot and I suppose I will be getting used to her being the head of the house too!

If you have any ideas for names leave a suggestion below…
Kitty Moss?
Cindy Clawford?
Miranda Perr?
Naomi Catbell?


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