Summer Visitors

Swiss National Day is on 1st August, the anniversary of the formation of Switzerland in 1291, and is one of the biggest nights in the Swiss calendar.

We love to invite friends over for this special festive weekend, to enjoy swimming in Lake Geneva, eating fondue despite the heat, and admiring the fantastic fireworks across Ouchy and the little vineyard villages.

The Light Leak Trend

Part of the current trend of making vintage looking footage has been light leaks. As they are not a filter that comes as standard in most video editing suites, I wanted to find out how to create the effect myself. After watching a couple of tutorials and downloading some source files  I made my first attempt on the OWAY 2014 video, but the above video was much more successful in my opinion.

Filmed on a “Ektachrome 100D”

A good friend has taken his love of vintage to another level. He is proud to say film on an “Ektachrome 100D” Super 8 camera. He then records the projection on a digital camera to get it onto youtube:

The results are authentically vintage, but people have iPhones and there are modern cars in the background. Great mix! I will leave this level of dedications to the enthusiasts and carry on on Instagram for the time being.

Who else has taken their love of vintage to the next level? I would love to see your examples in the comments.

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